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Inside the Studio

Take a peek inside our classroom and working space.

Students work in class on sewing skills and projects. Classes are taught over a ten month period, where students come once a week to learn. For the first few months, we teach students the skills they will need when we begin designing and sewing clothes in December.

Each sewing table is equipped with a Brother sewing machine, spool of thread, bobbin, seam ripper, nippers, a loose threads bucket, and a stool (For our littlest ones).

Along one wall we keep the students cubbies where, just like in school, they keep their sewing folder and current projects. Running along the top of their cubbies, we keep all supplies out in the open for students use. With everything labeled, staying organized is a breeze!

Plopped in the middle of the studio is the cutting table. Like a watering hole in the Serengeti, this is where students gather for lessons on fabric, cutting, and measuring.

Don't let the picture fool you, on an average day you would walk in to see fabrics, patterns and directions splayed across the table for students.

Sprinkled on the walls around the studio you will find photos of students from years past. It works as a way to show off our amazing students as well as a motivation. You see, even on our best days sewing is HARD, otherwise everyone would be doing it. This is why we give each of our up-and-coming seamstresses the tools necessary for their creativity and success.


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