Teaching the Art of Sewing to Children and Adults since 2014

Based in Tampa, Florida

We are a local sewing studio specializing in children's sewing classes, summer camps, and workshops for both adults and children.​

How Do We Teach?

Sew South Tampa's mission is to teach the art of sewing while incorporating life lessons such as patience, perseverance, and ​the self-discovery of creativity. 


Project-Based Summer Camps

During our summer camps, we teach project-based sewing. This gives young people a chance to be exposed to sewing while working with our teachers to create fun imaginative projects like pillows, bags, doll clothes, etc. 

Skill-Based Fashion Classes


During our nine-month long classes, we teach college-level sewing skills through our kid-friendly curriculum. This culminates in our annual fashion show. Yes, we can teach a child as young as seven to sew outfits that any fashion designer would be proud of!

Google Reviews

"Would highly recommend for anyone with kids yearning for a creative outlet in a great learning environment!!"